5 Top Tips for a Smooth House Move

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Moving house is one of the biggest stresses we’ll ever experience in our lives, and definitely one of the most expensive too. But with a little forward planning, it’s easy to take control of your house move, ease the stress and turn make the most of the excitement! Moving house is a big deal, but it should be something we enjoy rather than one big headache.

5 Top Tips for a Smooth House Move

The average Brit will move house a whopping eight times in their lifetime. That’s actually quite a lot of stress and financial pressure when you think about it. So, what can we do to ease the stress and creater a smoother house move?

1. Get the professionals in

I know that moving house is expensive, and the chance are that you want to save money in any area you can. But, when it comes to actually moving your belongings from one house to another, you really do need to get in a professional removal company.

Moving house isn’t something we do every day, so we can’t possibly be experts at it. You need to make sure that your belongings are packed and transported properly so that nothing gets damaged during the whole moving process.

Professional movers know exactly how to organise your things on their removal van so that they don’t get damaged during transportation.

If you really do need to cut costs though, you can still use a man with a van on moving day. The chances are that this will cost you less, but you’ll still get a professional service.

2. Be organised

The whole process of selling up can be pretty long and drawn out, but in actual fact, moving day has a habit of sneaking up on us. Before we know it, the day has arrived when it’s time to lock the door on your old house, and open the door to your new one.

During that time when you’re waiting for solicitors to do their thing, take the opportunity to get as organised as you possibly can.

  • Declutter – be ruthless!
  • Start to pack your things – even if it means living out of boxes in the short term.

3. Be money savvy

Moving house is expensive, there’s no getting away from that.

Sit down and write out all of the expenses that you’re likely to hit throughout the selling and moving process. Spend some time researching online so that you’re not hit by any unexpected expenses along the way.

Make sure that you have your moving fund separate from your day to day funds so that you don’t accidentally dip into it. It’s a good idea to have a completely separate account just for moving funds so that you know exactly how well you’re managing your budget.

4. Make time for a deep clean

This is particularly important if you’re moving out of rental accommodation and want to get your deposit money back. But, even if you’re selling up, you don’t want to leave a filthy house behind ready for the new owners.

Give yourself dedicated cleaning time. If possible, do it once the house is empty, you will be amazed how much dust builds up underneath the beds!

If you have to get out in one day, then keep the hoover and some cleaning supplies back and move them last of all.

5. Label your boxes

label boxes

As you’re packing, label the boxes with what’s inside, and which room they’re going to in the new house. This will make life so much easier when it comes to unpacking, as you will be able to prioritise where to start!

All in all, moving to a new home should be an exciting time! It’s a whole new beginning for you and your family. These five tips will help the whole process to run smoothly. Do you have any other tips for moving home?

*This is a collaborative post.

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