On a Health Kick (Again)

I’ve struggled with my weight since my early twenties. I’m not enormous but I could stand to lose a couple of stone. I’ve managed to lose 3 stone in the past and now it’s creeping back on again. So here I am, on yet another health kick.

How it all started.

I completely blame university life for my initial weight gain. When I lived at home, my Mum made us healthy, balanced meals, I didn’t overly snack and my weight was pretty healthy. Once I started university it was like a whole world of food and drink opened up and I just didn’t know when to stop. I’d be out drinking every night into the early hours, pick up a pizza on the way home and devour it all to soak up the booze. Meals would be in the pub, generally a baguette and chips washed down with half a lager (classy!).


The highs and lows

At my heaviest I weighed in at 14st 7lb. I managed to get down to 13st 1lb earlier this year. It was flippin hard work though! But when I was in the “zone” I did thrive on it and felt so much better for eating healthier. I used the MyFitnessPal app to monitor my eating and activity which made it really easy to stay on track. However hard I tried though I just couldn’t lose the last few pounds to take me into the 12 stone bracket. I hit a wall, plateaud and completely gave up.

Since then, I’ve stuffed my face with junk at every possible opportunity and I’m surprised I haven’t put all of the weight back on. This morning I faced up to it and weighed myself for the first time in weeks – 13st 5.7lb. It could have been so much worse!

So, MyFitnessPal is back, I’m watching what I eat and upping my activity again. We go away for a long weekend in August and I’d love to lose some of the bulge for that.

So, wish me luck!

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